Dan Lieb
Art & Underwater Illustration

"Art is long and time is fleeting."

Andrew Loomis

Technical Illustrations

I am a trained technical illustrator. My work in this area covers everything from the medical to the R&D communitties. My past jobs and clients have included the hearing care, pharmacuetical, telecommunications, military and automotive industries. While some may find this kind of work "dry" and uncreative, I relish it.

This artwork was created for a field guide used aboard cable-laying vessels to show technicians how to use this cable testing bench. The particular drawing was created using a base drawing that allowed me to delete one feature and add another, thus making one drawing to create ten drawings or more.

This artwork was used in an instruction manual for plant operations at a major oil company. In addition to this one, dozens of others were created to show how to safely operate man lifts, or working near electricity, working with tools and fire-fighting equipment, and how to properly ventilate work spaces.

This artwork was created for use in a repair manual and an online repair guide for a major automobile manufacturer. Each drawing had to be prepared to look its best in print and online.

Not all technical illustrations need be line drawings. This one was rendered in full color to offer the viewer a more realistic idea of how a proposed component would appear after manufacture.